In December 2020, Craftware joined the group of Veeva service partners in the Veeva Commercial Cloud. Veeva is the leader in the field of cloud-based software for the life science industry. The American company creates solutions that enable efficient customer relationship management (CRM) and supporting research and product development. In addition, Veeva helps companies of all sizes bring products to market faster and more efficiently and maintain compliance.

Thanks to joining the Veeva partners’ network, our company is expanding its range of competencies and confirming its extensive experience in the area of cooperation with companies from the life science industry


  • Konrad Sikora
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Expert in the field of marketing and business development. For almost 3 years associated with the IT industry, previously he was responsible for business development in consulting and training companies. At Craftware he is in charge of marketing for the corporate clients’ division.