The Life Sciences industry is one of the fastest-growing and most innovative industries in the modern world. It covers a wide range of fields, including medical devices and contributes to improving the quality of people’s health and life by developing innovative technologies. Well-thought-out CRM strategy secures the company’s need to comply with various regulatory requirements, manage complex product lifecycles, and ensure practical cooperation between internal teams and external partners.

A well-planned and executed CRM strategy is the basis for achieving ROI

To succeed, organisations need to digitally transform all areas of their business through a well-planned and executed CRM strategy. This is the basis for achieving ROI. By using Salesforce’s Life Sciences solutions supporting industry-specific processes, companies can streamline their processes, increase efficiency, and better meet the needs of patients and customers.

Key elements of an action plan having a direct impact on ROI

An action plan should consist of process, technology, and people. These areas complement each other and together create the full range of digital transformation in customer relations.

  • analysis of the expectations and problems faced by the company
  • well-described business requirements
  • defined needs of all business areas, e.g., sales, service, marketing, and commerce
  • identified proper resources
Choice of the right platform - the first step to achieving high ROI

The key to success is the choice of the right platform. Salesforce perfectly fits this mission due to the support for Life Sciences industry regulations, business processes, and omnichannel communication.

Moreover, Salesforce is also a fully scalable technology – with the possibility to expand accordingly to dynamically changing company’s needs and business circumstances. Therefore, it can be the most crucial technological ally for medtech organisations.

Salesforce functionalities contributing to high ROI
  • optimization_ico

    supporting the development of a CRM strategy

  • automated-process_icon

    automation of the processes described in the strategy

  • Cooperation

    meeting real business needs

  • instant scaling in the future

  • compliance

    compliance with stringent regulatory requirements

  • hubspot

    adding new channels of cooperation with customers when needed

An experienced partner is essential to properly plan and implement the CRM strategy

An implementation partner with industry experience and an adequate portfolio of completed projects will help develop a CRM implementation strategy and the selection of Salesforce products and licenses. Appropriate training and materials that allow you to familiarise yourself with the system help lower the entry threshold and facilitate the onboarding process. High adoption of the system by users affects the quality of their work and efficiency. All this directly affects ROI.

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Functional errors significantly impact CRM users as they decrease their productivity. Therefore, part of the backlog should continuously focus on performance fixes and removing functional errors to provide business stakeholders with a CRM working efficiently. This article shows how to eliminate frequently recurring performance and functional errors in Life Sciences.




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