When we started this project almost three years ago, we already knew that it has huge potential. Today we are convinced that the Salesforce Academy by Craftware is a bull’s eye. And this is not just our personal opinion. The participants confirm it, and the numbers leave no doubt. 1300 people have applied for the sixth edition of the Academy, which has started today in our Warsaw’s office. This means that an average of 72 people fought for one place!

The Academy is our original project, and Salesforce is the heart of it – we prepare adepts to work with this technology. We focus on practice, and we are convinced that, actually, this is our greatest asset. The Academy participants under the mentor’s eye carry out a project developed on the basis of our experiences in implementing the Salesforce Platform at our customers. The internship lasts for three months, of which most of the time are workshops. Such a dose of solid and practical knowledge allows graduates to enter the labor market directly after the Academy’s graduation.

To the Academy, we invite people like us – new technologies enthusiasts, graduates of the IT and related faculties, and people who would like to change the industry. We do not put professional and age limitations. The participants have a choice of a few learning paths: development, testing, and analytical.

So far, 44 participants graduated from the Academy. After the three-month internship, most of them have joined our company for good, and they work with us to this day.

Last year, the Academy was awarded by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) – we received an award in the Employer of Tomorrow competition. In this competition, employers who enable gaining and developing competencies searched for on the labor market are awarded.


  • Anna Sawicka
  • Expert in the Marketing Team
  • She has always been associated with the written word – as a journalist and editor in press publications. A copywriter in the new technologies industry for several years. When she does not write, she loves to talk and meet people. In love with electronic music.

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