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More and more often, projects are run in Agile methodologies. Scrum is the most common Agile framework characterized by an iterative approach to deliver value. In IT, it is based on the regular release of additional software functionalities aiming to increase the product value.

How does the development team know which tasks or functionalities are the most important that will deliver the most value to the customer? The Product Owner, as one of the project roles defined by Scrum, addresses this issue.

The Product Owner has extensive knowledge about the business, processes, and expectations that the product must meet. Based on observation, analysis, and conclusions drawn after each iteration, the Product Owner can prioritize the next steps during product development effectively. In IT projects, it usually means increased end-user satisfaction during the system use and increased return on investment (ROI).

Product Owner
Product Owner specializes in the following areas:
  • creating and defining the Product Goal clearly
  • creating and defining the Product Backlog items clearly
  • managing the Product Backlog items
  • ensuring the Product Backlog is transparent, accessible, and comprehensible to all stakeholders
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    Define goals

    icon_realizacja-celow-biznesowychThe Product Owner can help you define the stakeholder needs precisely and clearly, and then translate them into the scope of future iterations.

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    Maximize profits

    By effective task prioritization, delivered functionalities are consistent with the customers’ needs, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and ROI.

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    Minimize risk

    Thanks to the Product Owner, you can recognize and minimize project risks while maintaining the pre-defined goals and requirements.

Our Certificates
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  • PSPO I
  • Scrum-Product-Owner-Certified-SPOC
Why us?
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    Numerous projects in portfolio

    We work with various technologies, for example, Salesforce, SAP, Tableau, Oracle, BOX, Online Banking System, Mobile Apps.

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    Access to a pool of experts

    100% of our Product Owners have at least one industry-specific certificate. Our employees, as one of the first in the world, earned the Certificate in Product Ownership Analysis (IIBA®-CPOA).

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    Requirement experts

    Our Product Owners very often come from the business analysis path which is a great advantage in terms of creating the Product Backlog and defining the requirements.

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    17 Product Owners' certificates

    At Craftware, we broaden our knowledge, drawing from recognized sources.


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  • The Product Owner is responsible for maximizing the product value which is the result of the Scrum Team’s work. They have extensive knowledge of what is expected of the product. In addition, based on conclusions drawn after each iteration, they can prioritize the next steps to create a competitive and valuable product.

  • Nowadays, both roles overlap very often. At our company, most Product Owners have experience in working as Business Analysts. Thanks to that, tasks defined in the Product Backlog are prepared from the business and IT team perspective.

    Taking responsibility for maximizing the product value is not within the scope of the Business Analyst’s tasks – these are usually recommendations, and the final decision is taken by the customer.