Although it’s still almost two weeks to the First Star, there are children whom Santa has already visited and who got their Christmas gifts. And our Craftware team took a part in that!

Christmas charity is a tradition at Craftware. For a couple of years, we were supporting the Noble Gift, but this year, we decided to take our own initiative which won’t be necessarily under the auspices of someone else. We decided to support a children’s home which has no permanent donor and is rather small so that we could give children their own dream gifts.

We found such a place — A Family Children’s Home in Puszcza Mariańska which is run by Blanka and Piotr Podwysocki. Together with their two biological children, they are a foster family for ten kiddos. When the family learned that we want to help them, they just told us: “You must have been sent from the Heavens…” It turned out that they rarely receive not only gifts, but also simple everyday help. The house they live in is located in the woods. It’s not on anyone’s way. And there are many needs which are continuously growing.

The children wrote letters to Santa. We “intercepted” them, and made the dreams come true: the dreams about Lego blocks, drones, a remotely controlled excavator… Last Saturday, a sled of Craftware Santas brought the kids their dream gifts, and made sure that a new oven and drawers appear in the house. The smiling faces of the children were the best “Thank You” for us ?

We are full of joy because it turned out that we have a lot of big-hearted people at our company. We can proudly say: “mission completed!” But it doesn’t mean that it is over: we want to visit the Podwysockis more often, and we hope there will be many occasions to do that!


Watch the video of the Santas’ visit at the Podwysockis’.



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