Marketing automation in the e-commerce and retail companies – business breakfast [PL]
  • Zebra Tower, Warszawa
  • 18/06/2019
  • 9:00 - 12:30

Event description

In January, we would like to meet with you at an event focused on issues and challenges faced by the companies form the e-commerce and retail industries, which are:

  • Ineffective customer service and the lack of seamless processes in this field
  • The lack of sufficient knowledge of a potential customer and automated marketing paths
  • The difficulty in monitoring reporting and sales indicators
  • Providing already committed customers with good experiences of a brand and retaining them.

It is already the 20th business breakfast that we organize. From the very beginning, our events are getting good feedback as accurate and substantive.

This time we will present a modern approach to the customer and its key pillars – automated marketing activities starting with the first contact that potential customer has with a brand and customer service, crucial for maintaining high-quality services and standing out from competitive companies. We will try to show you how to leave competition in the dust thanks to putting customers in the first place.


The event will be held in the Polish language. If you want to know more visit this website.