Managed Service in Salesforce – a pharmaceutical company case study
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  • 25/03/2021
  • 10:00-11:00

Event description

The Salesforce challenges do not end with its implementation in an organization. It is equally important to leverage its full capabilities and ensure its smooth functioning over time, as well as to develop new functionalities.

Unfortunately, IT departments in large organizations are already responsible for many areas and technologies for them, maintaining Salesforce is a real problem, especially since they are expected to stabilize expenditures. Huge Salesforce specialists shortage in the market and constantly increasing their rates month by month do not make things better.

That is why Managed Service is gaining popularity. An organization entrusts the long-term care of Salesforce instances to a specialized outside company, called a vendor, that has the technical background and experience to meet the challenge.

Join our webinar where we will talk about the specifics of Salesforce Managed Service. Our experts will not only talk about the benefits this service can bring to a company, but will also present a global pharmaceutical company’s business case, one of our customers. During this event, we will also present the service’s good practices with the best hints while choosing a responsible vendor.

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You are not sure if we are a reliable source of information about Managed Service? Over the last few years, we have completed dozens of projects for global companies using Salesforce technology. As part of the Salesforce partner program, we have obtained the world’s highest Expert badge for Managed Service, which is a confirmation of our vast experience and knowledge.

  • What do we mean by Managed Service? This comprehensive service can be understood in different ways, so let us start by explaining exactly what we mean. At Craftware, we offer Managed Service primarily to companies working with the Salesforce Platform.

  • Concrete, measurable, objective – the benefits of Managed Service. We will tell you about those benefits based on our experience working with our current customers.

  • The business case is an example from our 5-year cooperation with a large company from the pharmaceutical industry. We will present before and after from a business perspective and the changes noticed by the system users.

  • In the last part, we will summarize what has been said so far and present the most important best practices when selecting a vendor. With such a complex service as Managed Service, choosing the right partner is extremely important.

Who is the webinar for?
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    People responsible for IT departments in organizations

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    People responsible for the Salesforce development and maintenance

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    Professionals working with the Salesforce technology

What business case will we present during the webinar?

We took over the support and development services for the system built on Salesforce Service Cloud in mid-2019 from the existing provider, a global IT company.

The customer, a global pharmaceutical company, wanted to provide a higher quality of service to system users, optimize maintenance costs, and change the type of service from the standard (error and user request handling and system development performed by separate teams) to a single, multidisciplinary team operating in the DevOps model (Dev – Development, Ops – Operations). Craftware is responsible for handling requests and developing the system based on the requirements.

How did we improve the SLA (response and resolution time) from 85% to 96%? How did we organize the processes, backlog, and organizational structure standards? What benefits does the customer see after more than a year of cooperation? Join our webinar – we will answer all of your questions!

pharmaceutical company
  • One of her passions is sports, especially volleyball, which has taught her discipline, patience, perseverance, and something she especially uses in her professional life – teamwork.

    She has been involved in the IT industry since 2009, and with Craftware itself for almost 4 years. She works as a Service Delivery Manager and leads and develops the Service Delivery Managers team. In her work with customers, it is important to deliver value to the customer, which brings them closer to achieving their business goals, and thus the cooperation satisfaction.

  • She has been involved in sales in the IT industry for 9 years. She specializes in supporting both small companies and global organizations in a wide range of services related to Salesforce – from software implementation through end-to-end projects in a fixed price model, to the implementation support of systems on a Managed Service basis and training programs organization for IT teams.

    At Craftware, she works as a Sales Manager for almost 5 years, leading a sales team of several people in the Business Unit Software House. Always happy to discuss new solutions tailored to a customer’s unique needs.

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