How to choose the first processes to automate with RPA? – webinar
  • Webinar
  • 16/04/2020
  • 10:00-10:45

Event description

On April 16, we will meet at the first webinar dedicated to the implementation of Robotic Process Automation in the organization. This technology allows the automation of operations in the company and the execution of time-consuming and repetitive tasks by robots.

With Adam Drzewososki, an RPA consultant with 15 years of experience in the IT industry, we will talk about what the criteria for selecting processes for automation should look like. We will discuss which of them should be implemented first to achieve the assumed goal.

During our webinar, we intend to actively involve participants and allow them to indicate the most important issues to be discussed during the event.

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Co-hosting experts
  • Adam Drzewososki is a Manager with over 15 years of experience in the software and consulting space. Graduated at Warsaw University of Technology and Warsaw School of Economics, he has experience of leading large teams (50+ FTEs) in multinational ventures. Worked with clients in FS, manufacturing and telco sectors around the globe.

    In Craftware he is responsible for consulting and developing RPA services.

  • Graduated in Polish philology at the University of Lodz, and she worked as a remote teaching methodology at a virtual university. Still, she is professionally involved in the IT industry for ten years.
    At Craftware, she has been working closely with clients for four years. Currently also involved in the development of RPA services. She sees robotics as an excellent opportunity for many companies to improve their efficiency and effectiveness quickly.

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