Expert Salesforce consultations in Stockholm!
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • 10/03/2020 - 12/03/2020
  • 9:00-17:00

Event description

Already in March, we will carry out expert Salesforce consultation sessions in Stockholm. Our goal is to share our experiences from numerous projects completed for the insurance industry and global organizations using the Salesforce platform on a large scale.

Based on ten years of experience and hundreds of completed projects, we would like to show how to improve the work of insurance agents, measure the results of performed marketing campaigns or work on up-to-date data in your CRM system.

If you represent a company working on many various solutions of the Salesforce platform and you struggle with their inconsistency, have issues in managing code, or you would like to deliver quick-wins to your business using the innovations available on the platform — we will show you how to achieve these goals quickly and within a reasonable budget.

Two areas of consultations

Consultative sessions will concern two areas: the optimization of processes and solving issues typical for the insurance industry, as well as taking full advantage of the Salesforce potential in global organizations that feature a multitude of solutions throughout the platform.

Would you like to monitor the work of your agents, but you don’t have the right tools? You do not know how to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns? Would you like to have a 360-degree view of your customers? Or maybe you sell your policies through a network of partners, and you need to report their results efficiently?
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Do you intend to create a new solution on your Salesforce platform? Would you like to optimize Salesforce instances through the harmonization of processes, data, or objects? Do you look for ways of integrating Salesforce solutions with other systems and apps
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Our Stockholm team
  • A graduate of the Electronics and Information Technology Faculty at the Warsaw University of Technology. He started his career as a developer, and later he became a leader of Java developers team. Co-founder of Craftware, established in 2009. Since then, he had many different hats – as an analyst, architect, developer, managing partner. Since 2011, he has been engaged in the development of systems based on the Salesforce platform that he values for the capability to deliver quickly full-blown solutions and close work with the business partners. He is truly passionate about this technology — he participated several times in Dreamforce in San Francisco, one of the biggest tech conferences in the world. He holds certificates confirming the  knowledge about Salesforce. He has cooperated both with corporations and start-ups.

    Outside his work, he is passionate about team sports and MMO games.

  • A CRM business consultant with professional background in sales and marketing positions. She uses her experience in conversations with customers and always has a strategic approach to issues so that the customer invests money in solutions which bring real value. Passionate about new technologies, whose application in business is appreciated by users of different ranks and whose value can be evaluated measurably.

    Currently, she is responsible for bringing Craftware to Nordic markets.