Customer Experience – make customers come back to you – webinar
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  • 15/10/2020
  • 10:00 - 11:00

Event description

Organizations operating in the B2C model have been using digital communication channels in a long time. That is why now they dealt with launching or developing online sales relatively quickly. Regardless of that, the necessity for adjustment to the current situation and responding to the consumers’ needs is noticeable and urgent. Customers expect empathy, engagement, individual approach, and other values tailored to their needs.

How to build a model Customer Experience? 

  • Get to know the customer, their needs and goals.
  • Design the customer service process using every form of communication (phone, mail, chat, social media, and so on) and at every stage of the customer lifecycle.
  • Measure the effectiveness of processes and optimize operations.

Building a positive Customer Experience is a process that requires constant work and continuous changes, measuring the results of the undertaken actions, and adjusting to the customers’ needs. The customer should feel 100% taken care of at every stage of this process.

Based on tens of implementations, we will tell you how to achieve the goals mentioned above in four steps, and we will show you how COVID-19 has changed the e-commerce market in Central Europe and Scandinavia.

The high-quality Customer Experience in 4 steps
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    Reach potential customers

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    Sell so that the customers would like to get back to you

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    Build loyalty among your customers

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    Take care of customer service

  • Salesforce CRM specialist. Initially associated with the hotel industry, from which he went to IT (JAVA and Salesforce technology). He cooperates with domestic and international clients. He began his adventure with Salesforce in the Craftware sales department; currently, he is a Salesforce CRM consultant. His work focuses on finding the value of implementation for new customers, working with them on building its scope and pricing. He is also responsible for system configuration and deployments. In addition to his daily work at Craftware, Marek is an ALK lecturer at post-graduate studies in CRM and Marketing Automation. He is an avid motorcyclist. He owns a Salesforce Accredited Sales Professional certificate.

  • Katažyna Viduto is with Salesforce for the last 3 years, currently responsible for Mid Market in Baltic countries. Although her background is not from IT – understanding of different business processes helps her to help companies during the digital transformation process. Katažyna strongly agrees with the statement, that customer experience before, during and after sales process is one of the most important factors nowadays and it doesn’t matter if it is B2B or B2C world.

For whom is our webinar?
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    Directors and managers of sales and B2C marketing who want to increase sales results, including online sales.

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    Owners and those managing of B2C organizations who want to digitize their companies and increase their business value.

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    People responsible for e-commerce development in the company and Customer Experience.

Customer Experience – make customers come back to you

Learn how to build a model Customer Experience!

See how we helped others
  • How has the customer service time been reduced by half at home&you?

    • A few scattered tools were replaced with a single consistent system in which customer data is stored.
    • The customer service process was standardized.
    • KPI was established, and monitoring of the department performance was enabled.
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  • How does AZA Group handles omnichannel communication?

    • A consistent system for the Customer Service consultants supporting four brands simultaneously was created.
    • Datas from web channel, e-mail, and chat available in one place.
    • The response time to inquiries and complaints to the customer service department has been significantly reduced.
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