Craftware on DMEA 2023
  • Germany, Berlin
  • 25/04/2023 - 27/04/2023
  • 10:00 - 17:00

Event description

The DMEA is one of Europe’s most significant events for the digital health industry, which takes place annually in Berlin. Hundreds of keynotes and discussion panels led by professionals, an exhibition including more than 500 manufacturers and suppliers.

Especially we invite you to join Craftware during the keynote session on the Solution Hub, where our Co-CEO Łukasz Pietrzak will talk about The role of IT expertise in Healthcare & Life Sciences.

During the event, there will be an opportunity to meet with Craftware experts in hall 3.2 at booth E-115, who will be available at the company’s booth throughout the event – you are welcome to chat, exchange experiences, or have consultations.


About Craftware

On a daily basis, Craftawre provides technical consulting services in IT, providing, among other things, project support through our specialists: project managers, service managers, developers, testers, business analysts or Robotic Process Automation specialists. Our knowledge and more than 13 years of experience enable us to manage the project at every stage – from analysis and testing to maintenance.

We implement the best CRM, according to the Gartner report. We support IT departments of multinational corporations in developing and maintaining this tool. We also support HLS/Digital Health organizations by configuring and maintaining Veeva CRM and Veeva Vault.

Meet us in hall 3.2 at booth E-115
  • A graduate of the Electronics and Information Technology Faculty at the Warsaw University of Technology. He started his career as a developer and later became a Java developer team leader. Co-founder of Craftware, established in 2009. Since then, he has worn many hats – as an analyst, architect, developer, and managing partner. Since 2011, he has been engaged in developing systems based on the Salesforce platform that he values for the capability to deliver quickly full-blown solutions and close work with business partners. He is truly passionate about this technology – he participated several times in Dreamforce in San Francisco, one of the biggest tech conferences in the world. He holds certificates confirming his knowledge of Salesforce. He has cooperated with both corporations and start-ups.

    Privately an enthusiast of team sports and MMO games.

  • Nadja is completing an executive MBA at the Cracow Business School at the University of Economics. She completed her master’s degree in corporate management. She connects business, and IT needs professionally, allowing her to understand and support business needs and look for optimal solutions. She has extensive experience in business development, which she has been involved with for over 13 years. She also holds ITIL Foundation and Agile Foundation certifications, confirming her professionalism and IT best practices knowledge.

  • Sylwester Cyrwus – a graduate of Automation and Robotics at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and IT Project Management at the University of Warsaw. Currently a participant in the Executive MBA program at Kozminski University. He started his professional career as an embedded systems programmer, which he switched to project management after a few years. He gained his experience as a project manager by leading multi-million dollar projects for Forebs 500 companies. He lived and worked in South Korea for over a year, delving into the impact of cultural differences on the productivity of international teams. He has been with Craftware since 2016, working as a Project Manager, then successively as Leader and Manager of the PM team, finally holding the position of Director of one of the two business units. He uses his experience gained during project work in his daily work with clients with whom he works out the best IT solutions to grow their businesses. Privately, he is a father of two children, a passionate skier and a Pizzaiolo beginner.


The role of IT expertise in Healthcare & Life Sciences

📅 25.04.2023

🕛 11:30

📌 Hub 1, Hall 1

Join us for keynote session on the Solution Hub about the role of IT expertise in supporting R&D and technology transformation in bioscience.

A typical bioscience initiative is an interdisciplinary effort that requires the engagement of professionals from different areas of expertise. For example, scientists and medical doctors could decompose medical aspects and complex biological concepts. They often interact with bioinformaticians focused on processing biological data modalities and preparing the data for further downstream exploration. Data scientists combine and analyse the datasets using machine learning and other artificial intelligence techniques to generate insights and build sophisticated models of complex biophysical and biochemical phenomena. Those groups are operating in synergy, but the efficiency of the delivery depends on the underlying IT infrastructure and its components.

The presentation will highlight the importance of IT components and expertise in bioscience and medtech initiatives. We will explain the role of Craftware in boosting and enabling the technological transformation of our partners. You will learn 2 case studies: first will illustrate the expertise expansion enabled by incorporating skilled professionals working on behalf of the partner to build a state-of-the-art, scalable and cost-effective cloud system. The second will present an everyday use case of technological transformation and migration to a newer technology stack in the typical state of limited resource capacity.

Looking for a reliable partner for your IT system?
Join us in hall 3.2 at booth E-115
Case study
  • How was customer service time reduced by half

    A reduction of customer service time by half — that is the most measurable benefit of implementing the Salesforce platform. The effect was achieved by replacing many scattered tools with a single system, creating a comprehensive customer database, and standardizing the customer service process. Personalized automation marketing campaigns were also enabled — GDPR-compliant emails and texts. All operations in customer service and marketing are monitored on an ongoing basis.

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  • Integration of Outlook and Salesforce, and implementation of Lightning Experience for Flotman

    • The “prospect” process was put into order by prioritizing leads depending on the customer category.
    • The functionality of registering new Potential Customers from the website was added.
    • Validation and request queuing rules were set up so that the tasks flowing in the “Case” process were assigned to employees considering their qualifications.
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  • Creating a Salesforce application for eRecruiter

    • Creating ReactJS application based on Salesforce.
    • Providing remote control over ReactJS.
    • Utilizing all SQL query properties.
    • Utilizing provisioning rules to maintain control over providing application functions to each user.
    • Using cache to store all user-specific configurations.
    • Providing integration with Salesforce REST API necessary to restore standard list views.
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  • Implementation of customer service module at Aegon

    • Customer data were put into order and duplicates were deleted.
    • Daily synchronization of local data sets with the Salesforce database was introduced.
    • A modern tool for multi-channel communication with customers was launched.
    • Service Cloud console was configured and implemented at 40 Aegon agents.
    • A tool for customer satisfaction surveys was implemented.
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