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Does it happen in your organization that developers work on their own environments, and it’s difficult to indicate which version is the most up-to-date? Does it happen that because of human errors the code is overwritten or lost, and transferring packages from test environments to the production one is often related to unforeseen complications?

Implementation of the standards and processes of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, which is a good practice recommended by Salesforce, will let your organization to improve the process of software development and the management of further releases (versions) of your product. Find out how we can help you.

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    Deliver faster and save money

    Deliver more functionalities within the same budget. Your developers will create new features, not transfer the code.

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    Reduce rotation in the team

    Structured processes will have a positive impact on employees morale and their satisfactions.

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    Automate some of your tasks

    The more automation in the project, the less chance of an error.

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    Accelerate the process of implementation

    Standards introduction will make it easier for new employees to join the project.

Continuous integration-Continuous delivery
Why us?
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    Extensive experience in CI/CD

    Our experts participated in many Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery projects.

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    We are happy to share knowledge

    Craftware specialists are happy to share their experience and good practice recommended by Salesforce.

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    Flexible models of cooperation

    We cooperate with our customers according to the fixed price model as well as the Agile-based model.

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    We are a Salesforce Platinum Partner

    Our status gives us access to the latest knowledge, and our experts are always adequately trained.

Frequently asked questions
  • Salesforce provides a possibility to integrate with any system, whether cloud-based or located in the customer’s environment. It can actively refer to other systems (call an API) and be referred to by other systems as well.

    Moreover, Salesforce has as an integration tool called MuleSoft which supports all integration methods available on the platform.

  • Our aim is that after the implementation the customer is as independent as possible and has one or a few administrators who will be the internal line of support.

    However, companies often decide on our additional support so as to have an experienced partner at hand in more difficult situations.

  • Lightning is a modern user interface created from scratch by Salesforce. It allows you to customize the application views to your business needs. It also has the option of expanding with components built by implementation partners and located in AppExchange.

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