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You implement projects but you feel that they are not carried out optimally? The quality of services is different from the one promised by the provider? The budget keeps increasing and completion time keeps extending? The entire communication within the team is chaotic and business needs seem to be the last on the priority list?

It looks like your are loosing control. The solution to your problems could be including a Project Manager in your project. The PM will be responsible for the quality of work of the entire team, the final result of the ordered task and completing it in time. Learn how the team consisting of almost 40 Craftware experts will handle your projects and help you to achieve the intended goals.

Craftware project managers
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    Achieve higher ROI

    The Project Manager will take care of project cost optimization and achieving a higher return on investment.

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    Watch over the budget and deadlines

    Thanks to proper management, you will deliver the solution by the assumed deadline and you will not exceed the budget.

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    Increase product quality

    An experienced Project Manager will ensure that the delivered product meets the previously defined requirements.

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    Facilitate communication

    Ensure that team members and project beneficiaries have access to reliable and up-to-date information.

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Why us?
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    Number of experts

    We take care of high availability of specialists and employ a team of 40 Project Managers at Craftware.

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    Extensive experience

    Our Project Managers take part in almost 150 projects a year for customers from different industries.

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    High competence

    Our experts are constantly learning and developing, they are gaining numerous certificates within their specialties

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    Flexible settlement

    You don’t know which form of cooperation will be more beneficial to you? Don’t worry. We will advice on the optimum settlement method after a proper analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is the support of implementation partner necessary after Salesforce implementation? Our aim is that after the implementation the customer is as independent as possible and has one or a few administrators who will be the internal line of support. However, companies often decide on our additional support so as to have an experienced partner at hand in more difficult situations.

  • Salesforce provides a possibility to integrate with any system, whether cloud-based or located in the customer’s environment. It can actively refer to other systems (call an API) and be referred to by other systems as well. Moreover, Salesforce has as an integration tool called MuleSoft which supports all integration methods available on the platform. What company roles are needed for Salesforce (or another CRM system) implementation?

  • Based on our experience, we recommend a Product Owner as the main role. The Product Owner is responsible for implementation at the customer side (responsibility for business and technical requirements, coordination of other people at the customer side, responsibility for future system maintenance and development). Moreover, in order to successfully complete a project, the following people must be included: project sponsor/sponsors (usually CEO, members of the Board), the owners of business processes which will be covered by the CRM, and the IT department (the architect who has comprehensive knowledge of the company systems, people responsible for individual systems that will be integrated with the CRM). Other important people are the Ambassadors (that is selected system end-users) and third-party vendors.
    In the case of integration with external systems, this can be also marketing agencies carrying out campaigns for the company (Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Audience Studio, Pardot).

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