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You are starting a project and need specialists with appropriate knowledge and experience? Your employees already have too many tasks and cannot handle new ones? You are afraid that external recruitment will take too long, and after the project completion you will have to think what to do with the newly hired people? If you face such problems, advanced body leasing is the right solution for you.

At Craftware, we know how important the knowledge and professionalism of each team member are in each project. That is why we provide our customers with experts with whom we have been cooperating for years and who are our employees. We take responsibility for them and give them full support. This distinguishes us from other IT companies on the market. Check out how we can help you.

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    Complete projects faster

    Don’t wait for the results of uncertain recruitment or the moment when your employees finish other important tasks.

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    Reduce costs

    Optimize you expenditure and pay only for the real commitment of employees to the project.

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    Learn the new perspective

    Include external experts into your project and take a different view on the way your organization operates.

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    Gain knowledge

    Acquire new knowledge and learn new practices. Our specialists are eager to share their project experience.

Meet our teams
  • Top quality software requires top specialists for its maintenance and development. Enhance the operation of your organization by developing new Salesforce functionalities and administering the system. Achieve all this with the help of experienced experts who took part in numerous projects.

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  • No project will give you the expected results if, before the project is started, you don’t precisely determine its goals, why you carry out the project and how you should start with it. A well performed business analysis is like drawing a precise map thanks to which you will smoothly reach the desired goal.

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  • Although all rowing team members look and row in the same direction, to achieve the best results they need a coxswain who facilitates communication and sets the right pace. In a project, a similar role is played by the Project Manager who enables your team to work at the top level.

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  • Implementing the right solution is just a half way to success. Supporting the solution and its ongoing development are equally important. You can achieve that with the support of a Service Manager. The Service Manager will help you to maintain uninterrupted operation of the service and set the direction of its development.

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  • Software testing is a necessary step in the way to obtain top quality solutions. However, this process often included many people and takes a lot of time since it requires performing repetitive actions. Check out how can you increase the productivity of your employees by automation of some of their tasks.

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  • Even the best-designed solution is not able to provide you proper business advantages if its functionalities are not operating as intended, and users frequently encounter errors. Ensure the top quality of your solutions and benefit from the services of manual testers.

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  • We could admire the effects of their work, approach, competence and reliability in all these areas. Their strengths as consultants are paying a lot of attention to details, high quality of delivered solutions and a fantastic ability to co-operate with company representatives.

    Wojciech Głowacki
    Technical Project Manager, Roche
  • Operation transparency, flexible approach, high-class specialists and commitment — I met all these traits during our implementation. It was the people who convinced me, not the company. However, the people must be supported by the organization who employs, educates, supports and takes care of them. I found all of this at Craftware.

    Marco Randi
    Head of Technology Engineering, PMI
  • What I appreciate most about Craftware is their partnership-based approach and facing the challenges together which let us operate effectively. Although the basis of our agreement was the provision of qualified specialists, I would call the service provided by Craftware a partnership not body leasing.

    Kamil Werłaty
    Salesforce Technical Lead, IPF Digital
  • They are great professionals who perfectly know the Salesforce technology and product capabilities. The Craftware team is open, flexible and oriented on achieving business goals — we highly value these traits.

    Anna Kujawa
    CRM Department Manager, Allegro
Case study
  • Salesforce implementation in a large pharmaceutical company

    • Access to marketing materials located in different places was facilitated.
    • The cooperation of teams working on the same product or marketing campaign was enhanced.
    • The level of cooperation between marketing specialists was increased.
    • Onboarding of new employees was facilitated.
    • The repository of data and product and project documentation was created.
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  • Maintenance and development of Salesforce in a global tobacco company

    • Reduce the cost of 20% platform support (2 FTE) while increasing the quality level.
    • Reducing the necessary engagement through automation.
    • Change of approach to performed tasks.
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