There is no Santa Clause in our picture, though everyone knows that without his support, there would not be our Christmas action 😊 It was Santa who helped us take care of gifts, and, later on, he watched over so that the gifts would safely make it to the charges.

This year, Christmas gifts were given to the Neonatology, Pathology, and Intensive Care Clinic of the Newborn at the Children’s Memorial Health Center. Last Saturday, our modest team (modest because safety is the most important thing now) took the packages full of newborns’ accessories to the clinic. We took care of what is most needed for the youngest patients: nappies, pacifiers, and blankets. There were also professional essentials, such as orthopedic pillows.

Each year we discover that the Craftware team can be counted on one hundred percent. This year, the Craftware team showed even more heart and generosity. Thanks to that, there were almost 400 diapers in our packages, and the rest of the accessories – in the wholesale quantities too!

We are happy because we know that the Clinic’s needs are huge. On a daily basis, 57 little patients receive treatment here, and yearly – even 2000.

We know one thing: without our annual charity action, Christmas would not be the same!


  • Anna Sawicka
  • Expert in the Marketing Team
  • She has always been associated with the written word – as a journalist and editor in press publications. A copywriter in the new technologies industry for several years. When she does not write, she loves to talk and meet people. In love with electronic music.