Customer – Aegon

Aegon is one of the world’s leading providers of life insurance, pensions and asset management. Today has operations in over 20 countries, about 30 000 Aegon employees help over 26 million customers take responsibility for their financial future.

Companies from the Aegon Group offer life insurance, savings schemes as well as investment options and property insurance in Poland. They also operate the Aegon Open Pension Fund with more than 927 thousand members.




Unification of competences and processes throughout the entire sales network and better cooperation of central departments with regional offices

  • The need of a unification of the recruiting process
  • Willingness to optimize sales processes and cooperation between Aegon Central Departments and own sales offices
  • Increase of company’s income forecasting capabilities
  • Improvement of efficiency of the sales pipeline management throughout all departments and company units
  • The need of a more efficient recruiting of new agents at the regional Aegon offices
  • Creation of a coherent agents’ structure alongside with a systemized activities reporting




Each regional office received access to the Salesforce Partner Community

  • Partner Community licenses were distributed among Aegon’s regional offices
  • Lead and Opportunity processes were defined and implemented
  • Sales forecasting report was configured based on the Opportunity feature
  • Recruitment process was unified
  • Recruitment process was supported with a public website (application form)
  • Reports related to the customer service were implemented using Cases object, visual flow solution and Craftware application Madocs, used for documents’ generation




Standardizing and linking data from various business processes increases the efficiency of managing the dispersed structure of regional offices

  • Unified sales process
  • Unified customer service process and its effectiveness measurement
  • Forecasting process implemented
  • Systemization of recruitment process for regional offices
  • Measurable agents’ recruitment process
Customer about us
  • The Craftware team is more than professional. Thanks to their open-minded approach, we were able to significantly reduce implementation time and apply more custom solutions than we initially thought. Good job!

    Marcin Zawierucha
    CRM Development Manager, Aegon