Tailored solutions

Each organization has its own processes adapted to its operation specifics as well as own business and technological history. We gather these experiences and leverage them in the implemented system. We offer business and system analysis, and partnership relation because we care about knowing the business goals of all stakeholders. Based on them, we compile a solution composed of several products from the Salesforce portfolio.

Tailored solutions are intended for large companies and corporations who want to grow their business using technology.The expected change is often related to different areas in business: marketing, sales, customer service. Sometimes, a company would like to develop the customer or partner community around its brand, and sometimes to create a unique product created for its specific needs.

When we implement solutions, we put them in the company’s existing infrastructure and integrate them with the existing technologies. We support companies in digital transformation, offering our 10 years of experience in integrating Salesforce with EPR systems, e-stores or call centers.

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    Holistic approach

    By combining technical and business knowledge, we learn the challenges the customer faces. We suggest solutions which will enable to achieve specified business goals.

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    The strength of a CRM system is data. Therefore, we combine the existing systems with Salesforce products to achieve the intended effect.

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    Data security

    We know how to implement a CRM system in a cloud in compliance with GDPR guidelines.

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    Product awareness

    We share arguments that justify the decision to choose Salesforce technology in an organization.

Our Solutions
  • Create automatic paths of marketing actions, organize complex campaigns using e-mail, social media, SMS, push messages, etc., and draw conclusions based on clear and continuously available reports and dashboards.

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  • Process is what every sales department needs. It is an ordered way to handle a lead passed from the marketing and a potential customer coming from a website, or to present an offer, negotiate and finalize sales.

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  • From the beneficiary perspective, the key in the today’s customer service is the feeling of being important and taken care of. Salesforce Service Cloud enables you to manage this task no matter whether you have ten or ten thousand customers.

    product-obsługa klienta
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  • Community Cloud is an easy to manage platform for creating a community around your company. It connects customers, partners and employees directly to information and applications they need. It automatically recommends groups and experts, connects people with similar needs.

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  • Sometimes, specific customer needs are not met by any out-of-the-box Salesforce product. What then ? OIn such case, we can use the Platform itself and create a tailored solution. We develop different types of applications and tools which meet specific needs of customers.

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  • What I appreciate most about Craftware is their partnership approach and facing the challenges together which let us operate effectively.
    Although the basis of our agreement was the provision of qualified specialists, I would call the service provided by Craftware a partnership not body leasing.

    Kamil Werłaty
    Salesforce Technical Lead, IPF Digital
  • Craftware supported our company from the very beginning at the stage of selecting the right licensing model. Thanks to that the selected software is tailored to our needs and meets our requirements. Kind hearted professionals clearly and willingly give valuable advice on using the program. The commitment of Craftware employees and impeccable contact with customers have a positive impact on the brand’s position on the market.

    Aleksandra Wilk
    Dyrektor ds. Kluczowych Klientów, PGF Urtica Sp. z o.o.
  • When we decided to implement Salesforce at our company, we did not have precise expectations. We needed a partner who would tell us about the possibilities and help us to fully benefit from them. Thanks to its experience, Craftware led us through the process quickly and painlessly. Consequently, we could fully focus on our business and increase sales.

    Przemysław Auguścik
    Board Member, Flotman
  • They are great professionals who perfectly know the Salesforce technology and the product capabilities. The Craftware team is open, flexible and oriented on achieving business goals — we highly value these traits.

    Anna Kujawa
    CRM Department Manager, Allegro
  • We could admire the effects of their work, approach, competence and reliability in all these areas. Their strengths as consultants are paying a lot of attention to details, high quality of delivered solutions and a fantastic ability to co-operate with company representatives.

    Wojciech Głowacki
    Technical Project Manager, Roche
Case study
  • Lightning experience for Flotman

    • The “prospect” process was put into order by prioritizing leads depending on the customer category.
    • The functionality of registering new Potential Customers from the website was added.
    • Validation and request queuing rules were set up so that the tasks flowing in the “Case” process were assigned to employees considering their qualifications.
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  • The solution facilitating the management of recruitment processes and candidate database for eRecruiter

    • Creating ReactJS application based on Salesforce
    • Providing remote control over ReactJS
    • Utilizing all SQL query properties
    • Utilizing provisioning rules to maintain control over providing application functions to each user.
    • Using cache to store all user-specific configurations
    • Providing integration with Salesforce REST API necessary to restore standard list v
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  • Implementation of customer service module at Aegon

    • Customer data were put into order and duplicates were deleted.
    • Daily synchronization of local data sets with the Salesforce database was introduced.
    • A modern tool for multi-channel communication with customers was launched.
    • Service Cloud console was configured and implemented at 40 Aegon agents.
    • A tool for customer satisfaction surveys was implemented.
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