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People of Craftware are our most significant value. To be specific, it is their expertise, commitment and experience. We share the same values, organizational culture and goals. We take care of a friendly atmosphere at work and life-work balance. Our relationships are based on trust and respect towards other people. We act based on the “nothing is impossible” principle, so we always seek the best solutions. We are not afraid of challenges since technology is our passion.

We deliver solutions based on Salesforce technology. In August 2021, for the fifteenth time in a row, Salesforce was acknowledged as a leader in sales automation in the Magic Quadrant report by Gartner.

Crafware's values
  • Craftware rests on people. It is them who build the company, give its character and define the direction. We do not always get along and compromise. But we allow ourselves and our employees for open communication. Because we believe that it is the only way to build trust translating into common goals and achievements. And though sometimes we make mistakes, we trust that we have succeeded in creating at Craftware the community for which a good atmosphere is as vital as implementing objectives.

  • As a company, we focus on our customers. Having them in mind, we try to provide services of the highest quality. It is not always easy – sometimes our ideas or suggestions differ from solutions customers would like to implement. However, if we see that something can be carried out more effectively, we make it clear. And there is no exception to the rule. We follow such a principle as honesty, both toward ourselves and companies that we cooperate with. We believe that is the only way to build a real business value – the one in which we are not only the provider of a given service, but we are responsible for our customers’ success.

  • We believe that the power of Craftware is in choosing the right people who shape the company’s character and distinguish it on the market. We like what we do, and we are not afraid to fight for our beliefs or ideas. We back creativity and involvement. These slogans mean for us the actual taking care of areas that need some support or improvement. Sometimes we must leave our comfort zone and enter a completely new area. For us, development does not mean only extending hard or soft skills, but also the possibility to try new things that lie beyond the domain of a particular position. We are not scared of mistakes or failures as we know that those are unavoidable but, at the same time, essential for the individual and company’s growth.

Our Salesforce Specializations
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  • Saleforce_Navigator_Specialist_2_Badge_Administration
  • Saleforce_Navigator_Specialist_2_Badge_Support Services
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  • Saleforce_Navigator_Specialist_2_Badge_Developer and Integration Services
  • Navigator_Industry_Specialist_2_Badge_Pharma
  • Navigator_Industry_Specialist_1_Badge_Banking
  • Navigator_Industry_Specialist_1_Badge_Insurance
  • Navigator_Industry_Specialist_1_Badge_Software and Services
  • Navigator_Product_Specialist_1_Badge_Core Messaging Journeys
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Our Team

Currently, our team consists of over 500 people. It includes project managers, scrum masters, analysts, testers, developers, programmers, architects, service managers, marketing specialists, salespeople, accountants and administrative staff. Each person is equally important since he/she enables us to grow the company and provide top-quality services to our customers.

How do we work
  • We start each cooperation from a conversation with the customer. We learn their needs and business goals. We want to understand what drives the changes that customers want to implement in their organizations.

  • We define the minimum scope of services (Minimum Valuable Product) that will bring quick benefits and motivation for further changes.

  • When we learn the customer’s business needs, we select Salesforce products that will help best to achieve the expected effect.

  • We lead the organization through the process of project execution and implementation of changes.

  • We support our customers in the maintenance and further development of their solutions based on the Salesforce platform.

Our Certificates
  • certificate Salesforce-architect
  • Certificate Salesforce_platform developer
  • Certificate Salesforce_Application-Architect
  • certificate Salesforce_Community
  • certificate Salesforce_Sales Cloud
  • certificate Salesforce_Service Cloud
  • certificate Salesforce_Marketing Cloud
  • certificate Salesforce_Pardot
  • Veeva-CRM_assosiate-white-belt
  • Veeva-Vault-Platform_assosiate-white-belt
  • logo UI Path
  • Certificate_PMI
  • certificate_ISTQB
  • certificate_ISTQB Foundation Level
  • Certificate_DevOps
  • Certificate_PSPO
  • Certificate_PSM
  • Certificate_IASSC
  • certificate_IASSC
  • Certificate_Agile PM